Upworthy for the psychotic

Feb 11

imageIt’s official! Video proves once and for all that all the black nurses are out to get you.

This comedian’s hilarious insightful story says everything nobody’s saying about brain leeches.

A smart funny look at the reptoids living among us by a clever teen.

This man has inspired dozens with his raw and beautiful fecal smears.

This heartstopping video of a 6 year old singing shows the truth about fluoridation.  

imageSee why if you don’t take a boiling hot shower 5 times a day you’ll die.

You knew the NSA could spy on you through your braces, but did you know it works both ways with this simple life hack?

You won’t believe what the letters in this article unscramble to tell you and only you.

imageThat altar you made proves that Jon Bon Jovi only got that restraining order against you to make you prove your love.

Feb 10


What should you do now you know you’re the reincarnation of Jesus Christ? This dog will tell you.